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— Doug Larson

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Registry Qualifications

The “show quality” Scottish Fold characteristics

The Scottish Fold is not a recognized breed in some of the cat registries around the world.  A group of cat breeders within the British Cat Fancy felt that the Scottish Fold would be prone to ear infections and deafness,  Their campaign remains successful:  the Scottish Fold is still not accepted for registry in Great Britain and Europe.

The American Cat Fancy registers the Scottish Fold who exhibits:
  • a medium size
    –male:  9 to 13 pounds
    –female:  6 to 9 pounds
  • a entire body is well rounded with a padded body
  • a head rounded in appearance from all angles
  • a dome at the top of the head
  • a very short neck
  • eyes that are large, round, broadly spaced giving a sweet expression
  • ears that should be small tightly folded (triple fold) with the tip rounded
  • whisker pads that are well rounded with whiskers that often curve forward
  • a jaw firm and well rounded
  • a nose gently curved, short and wide due to the wide set of the eyes
  • hair can be short or long
    –the long haired Scottish Fold has a semi-long coat of variable length which should have a nice ruff on the males, leg britches and a huge fluffy tail
  • coloring is variable:  in general, almost every color and combination of colors and white–except for the pointed colors (found in the Siamese and Himalayan breeds)
    –one registry does make an exception to the color points:  Cat Fanciers Federation
    –all other registries consider pointed Folds to be “Any Other Variety” (AOV) and will not accept them for competition
Additional Comments:

The brown tabby and white Scottish Fold is probably the most well known color–but they can be found in any color a person might prefer.

Sometimes the curve of the mouth around the prominent whisker pads gives the appearance of a “smiling” cat.

With their large, round, wide set eyes, Scottish Folds are often described as owl-like.

The specific Scottish Fold registry standards, according to the Cat Fancier’s Association’s (the largest registry of pedigreed cats), is available on their site.  Most of the two-and-a-half pages of standards are devoted to describing the desirable coloring, patterns, and the long hair and short hair divisions.