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The cat is domestic only as far as suits its own ends…

— Saki (H. H. Munro)

Stanley’s Ads

Is A Fold For You?

If you expect your cat to be very active and, for the most part aloof, then no, . . .

. . . the Scottish Fold is not for you.

If you expect your cat to be interested in what you are doing and wondering why you aren’t paying attention to him, then yes,  . . .

. . . you’d probably do well with the Scottish Fold.

The Scottish Fold is often described as:

  • Being very affectionate with a sweet disposition
  • Usually being good with adults, seniors and children over six years old
  • Having an average activity level
  • Being moderately docile, yet bouncy on occasion
  • Preferring to be alone four to eight hours every day
  • Needing average attention, more likely to charm than challenge
  • Having a tiny voice
  • Not being very vocal

The Scottish Fold adores human companionship and displays this in their own quiet way.  They are devoted, yet undemanding. 

Generally, Scottish Folds prefer to be with you.  They do best if not left alone for long periods of time.  If you work long hours, you might want to consider getting your Scottish Fold a buddy from your local Humane Society or shelter.

The Scottish Fold is quite intelligent.  They can adapt to almost any home situation.  They usually don’t panic. 

Handling often enough between the ages of three and fourteen weeks will assure your Scottish Fold kitten is more likely to develop into a well adjusted family member.

And that brings us back to Stanley . . .

By reading Stanley’s bio and his stories, you will be able to see that not all Scottish Folds are the same and understand how certain human interactions do make a difference.