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A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does stand on two legs.

— Sarah Thompson

Stanley’s Ads

Fold Temperament

Typically, it has been said the Scottish Fold is a sweet-natured cat who is usually quiet voiced and loves to help supervise whatever you happen to be doing.

Stanley is quiet voiced and does pay attention to what is going on, but I wouldn’t say he is right there helping me with everything.  I can see where he would have been a sweet-natured cat all the time . . . if only he had been cuddled more as a kitten.  To explain what happened, we will add a story about this soon.

Some sources say the Scottish Fold “has the personality to match it’s adorably ‘cuddly’ exterior.”  

Stanley agrees with this.

Other personality attributes of the Scottish Fold include:

  • being affectionate, but not ‘clingy’, usually preferring to be near you rather than plastered on your lap
  • at times, being a little ‘needy’, not liking to be alone for long periods
  • tending to be loyal and a ‘one-person’ cat who bonds closely with their owners
  • being adaptable and easy going, good with children and other pets
  • sometimes being a little ‘stubborn’ and having a mind of their own
  • loving to play and usually expecting you to be  involved in the fun and games.

Stanley wants to be sure I add more here about how he compares to the “typical” description of the Scottish Fold temperament and personality, but right now he’s staring me down.  It must be time to offer him a quick pet to see what he wants to do next . . .