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Folded Ears in General

The Scottish Fold’s ears should be small with rounded tips. 

The Scottish FoldThe smaller, tightly folded ears are preferred over loose folds and large ears.


The Scottish FoldThe folded ears should be placed not high on the head and in a caplike fashion to expose a rounded cranium.

The Scottish Fold’s ears are still expressive. 

You can see the folded ears:

  • pivot when the Scottish Fold is listening
  • lay back when the Scottish Fold is angry
  • perk up when the Scottish Fold is interested in something

When the Scottish Fold is ill, distressed or in heat, the fold in the ear may become less pronounced.

The Scottish FoldThe well bred Scottish Fold’s ears are no more susceptible to ear infections, mites or hearing problems than any other cat breed. 

The Scottish FoldAnd, just like any cat breed, when cleaning or medicating ears, they should be handled carefully. 

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