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Random Quote

A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does stand on two legs.

— Sarah Thompson

Stanley’s Ads

Scottish Fold Fun Things

Stanley thought we should add some fun things – all Scottish Fold-related, of course.

So, here we go . . .

First a video Stanley really enjoyed.  HE was NEVER afraid of such things mind you. 


Kitten vs Two Scary Things
(if there is an ad, skip it . . . this is too cute to miss)

Here is a video of a polite Scottish Fold.  This Scottish Fold is just like Stanley who politely asks for me to wake up, or to reposition so he can get comfortable, or to give him a treat.


 Polite Scottish Fold

 And the other day Stanley saw me looking at the dictionary, so had me pull out a few words he could relate to.   I thought they were corny, but he insisted they would be meaningful and fun.

Cattish Definitions

Cat:  Any of a family of carnivores (tiger, lion, leopard, cheetah); Small domesticated species often kept as a pet.  (Stanley thinks this should read ‘member of the family’.)

Cat Call:  Discordant sound expressing derision.  (Stanley says he never has to resort to such things as a cat call.)

Cat Nap:  Short, light sleep.  (Stanley takes cat naps all the time and, true, they are usually light sleeps, but he doesn’t know what the definition of ‘short’ is.  Or maybe we don’t.)

Catnip:  Common plant of the mint family, the odor relished by cats. (Stanley agrees – in moderation.)

Cat’s Paw:  Dupe used to do someone’s dirty work.  (Stanley’s wondering if he could get Iris to be his cat’s paw . . . or maybe we are his cat’s paws . . . hmmm.)

Catty:  Slyly malicious; Spiteful; Gossipy.  (Stanley thinks this word should be changed to some other animal.  Doggy?  Chimpy?)The Scottish Fold does believe they deserve the same honor as the Egyptian cat goddess.

Catwalk:  Narrow walk to provide access on foot in high places.  (Stanley loved this one.  It brought memories of his younger years.  Ah, to be lithe again.)

Egyptian Cat Goddess:  Bastet or Bast worshiped since at least the Second Dynasty.  Goddess of protection of the domestic cat.  Mau, a personification of Ra, the Sun God, as a cat.  (Stanley thought the ancient Egyptians had this one right.  No wonder cats have nine lives.  And Stanley believes people still ought to be adoring their cats.)

Feline:  Of or pertinent to a cat or the cat family; Stealthy; Treacherous.  (Stanley said, “Yeah, and you better watch out.”)

Lithe:  Limber; Gracefully nimble; Supple.  (Stanley is dreaming of younger years here.)

Enough with the cattish definitions (unless you can think of more).

Stanley wants me to add some of HIS “words” and definitions next . . . we’ll see.


Here’s the Cats 101 segment on Scottish Folds.  Stanley doesn’t sit in the Buddha position, but he does sit up like a Meercat all the time and, of course, is comfortable enough to lie flat on his back, melting into whatever he is on to the time.




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